Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Most Wrightian House in Staunton, VA?

I have thought this house in Staunton was interesting from the time I first discovered it back in 1999. I have never been inside, and sometime perhaps I'll approach the owner for a tour. I suspect an architect may have designed this one. Joe Johnson, Sam Collins' son in law, perhaps? According to the Staunton GIS, it was built in 1955. It definitely has Usonian influences. I'll have more commentary to come...


  1. I ran across your blog today, you have some really beautiful pictures of houses! My husband and I just moved to Harrisonburg, and one day we'd like to buy a single family mid-century modern home, pink bathrooms and all. Do you have any suggestions of neighborhoods in this area where one can find such houses? I've looked a lot at Sunset Heights, but I'd really like to find something with the sharp angles and authentic charm of the Wright style. Cool blog, look forward to seeing other posts!

  2. So sorry I have not replied to this. Google market it as spam and I did not see this comment until today. Perhaps you have already found a house. Whether you have or have not-please feel free to contact me further.