Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sustainable Design at Mockingbird

I'll be participating in a discussion following the showing of this movie at Mockingbird on Thursday, September 17, in Staunton:

"Green House: Design it, Build it, Live it" is about the design and construction of a residence in Northern Virginia. My contribution will be to discuss the concept in general, and one of my own designs, which will be built in western Augusta County. My theme will be that you don't have to live in Northern Virginia to build one of these houses. We're going to do it here. Joining me will be contractor William Drumeller, and Energy Consultant John Semmelhack, of Think-Little, in Charlottesville.

Here is a rendering of the east side approach.

We will be trying to achieve Passive House standards if possible, with super-insulated walls and roofs, south facing glazing, and an energy recovery ventilation system.

I like to call it a 21st century Usonian design.

The Upper Floor Plan.

The other views. You can see how the house is built into the hillside, with the hill and the workshop/stable sheltering the residence from the north.

The design is basically complete. The owners need to sell some other property, and then we will complete construction documents, and get it under construction. It's an exciting project. Stay tuned for updates.