Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kamal Amin House In Marion, Virginia

In early August, I was on a trip that took me down Interstate 81 South of Blacksburg, VA. There lies the town of Marion. I had heard from my friend David Milstead about an interesting house there, and managed to find it.

The house was designed in 1976 by Architect Kamal Amin. Amin is from Egypt, and graduated from the University of Cairo in 1951. He then came to the United States and apprenticed under Frank Lloyd Wright from 1951-1959, and continued on with the Taliesin Fellowship until 1977. Amin has practiced both architecture and structural engineering during his career. More can be found on Mr. Amin here:

I understand that the original owners have passed away, and the son now owns the home and is renovating and planning to put it on the market. Unfortunately, no one was home at the time I stopped by, so I can only show the exterior here. Definitely an interesting house. I understand that there is another Amin structure on US 211 north of Luray. I hope to stop by there in a few weeks.