Monday, March 28, 2011

Day Five (continued)

More from the architectural tour of the Norman and OKC area:

Herb Greene's "Prairie Chicken". A lot more grown up than in the 50 year-old pics I had seen.

Goff's Corsaw House.

Original drawing.

Houses by Dean Bryant Vollendorf.

From right: Nelson Brackin, Mike Brown, Jerri Bonebrake, Bill Scott.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Oklahoma: Day Five

Sunday morning was the last day of the trip. Today was spend visiting projects by Bruce Goff and a few by others, such as Dean Vollendorf. The pictures say so much, I'm going to post quite a few, broken into a couple of different posts.

The first part of the day we visited the Bavinger House by Goff, and the "Prairie Chicken", by Herb Greene.

Inside with Bob Bavinger, Bill Scott, and Jerry Bonebrake

It was a thrill to visit the Bavinger House, but bittersweet. The house is really in a sore state. The original roof is long gone, replaced by asphalt shingles. The glass has been waterproofed by black roofing tar. The interior ceiling is gone. These are just some of the larger issues. It would take a couple of million dollars to bring this marvel back to where it should be. Unfortunately, that prospect seems remote at this time. The Bavinger (1950) is, in my opinion, one of the most amazing residential structures ever conceived and built. I hope that one day it can regain its former glory.

With Nelson Brackin

Condition of the glass

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

FOK Celebration X/Fred Jones Museum: Day Four

Saturday, October 9th was day four of the activities in Oklahoma. Most of what happened this day was indoors, with various speakers and a discussion and question period. This took place in the music hall across from the Fred Jones Museum.

Featured speakers included: Joe Price, Brian Eyerman, Hans Butzer, Sydney K Robinson, Kay Johnson, Scott Perkins, and Mark White. Later there was a discussion group which included Kebyar's own Bob Bowlby and Donald McDonald.

Late in the afternoon we retired to a local watering hole for some refreshments and to continue getting to know a lot of creative folks, including a number of faculty in the School of Architecture at Oklahoma.

That evening was yet another opening event at the museum. By now I was looking forward to Sunday and seeing some more of these projects in person.

Discussion Group

After the event. Note Bob Bowlby (L) speaking to Herb Greene (in beret).

OU has recognized what they had in the 1950's with Goff. Here I am with the statue of one of their (now) heroes.